Travel document

The Travel document is valid for a period of (6) months from the date of its issuance, the holder may enter Iraq once, the consul in the mission when necessary can add other countries and add other persons accompanying the passport applicant, the travel pass is granted in the following cases: –

1. When a citizen loses his passport and wishes to return to Iraq.

2. In the event that a citizen’s passport is withdrawn and he wishes to return to Iraq.

3. In the case of a destitute person traveling to Iraq.

4. In the case of a foreigner who entered Iraq from an unknown destination or holds the nationality of a country that is not represented in Iraq and wishes to travel to back his country or a country that accepts his reception.

The documents on which needed  for issuing a travel document:

A . Iraqi Personal ID(Hawyit Ahwal madaniya).

B. Iraqi Nationality certificate(Shahadit el Jensia).

C. Passport copy accepted version .

D. Personal photos (3) with white background.

E. Fees of ( 3$) cash only accepted.

F. A copy of the airline ticket is preferred to be presented.

G. A valid flight ticket.

The citizen must appear in person and fills out the form that includes information about his name, birth date, place of residence and his previous passport number if available, his address in Iraq, along with the names and addresses of the person relatives. for schedule an appointment Please click here