Cancelling power of attorney

Reasons for cancelling power of attorney:

  1. Revoke the attorney.
  2. The attorney waive the power of attorney.
  3. The death of the principal or the attorney.
  4. A change in the status of the principal or attorney that would lose him/her eligibility.
  5. The end of the purpose for which the power of attorney was organized, for example (the vehicle or the property sale was completed and sold out, the power of attorney ends automatically by law)

Cancellation of  power of attorney: It is a civil legal right that the  principal can revoke at any time.

Both power of attorneys (wakala a’ma)and (wakala khasa) can be canceled according to the below: –

The principal present in front of the consul (for schedule an appointment Please click here) to verify his identity in person when the power of attorney is canceled, bringing with him the required Iraqi documents: –

  1. The Iraqi ID(Hawyat el Ahwal) or photocopy in case the original is not available.
  2. The Iraqi citizenship certificate(Shahdat el Jensia) or a photocopy in case the original is not available.
  3. The retirement ID or a copy of it if the original is not available when requesting the cancellation of power of attorney related to retirement.
  4. A copy of the power of attorney to be canceled.
  5. Four recent personal photos with a white background of the principal.
  6. Consulate fees (1) dollar paid in cash.

The principal should provide the consulate with the full address in Iraq of the attorney in addition to his phone number.

A notification letter of the cancelation should  be sent through the consulate to the Ministry of Justice / Judicial Relations Directory  for the purpose of informing the dismissing the attorney through the local  specialized courts.

The consulate does not bear any responsibility with incorrect address for the attorney whose the principal requesting to cancel him/her, and it is necessary to verify the address of the attorney to be revoked before it is provided to us.

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