Passport issuance instructions:

    To apply for a machine-readable passport(MRP), the applicant must personally attend to the General Consulate in Los Angeles for all ages (adults and minors), the father of a minor or his representative with a  no objection letter issued by the Ministry of Interior/Passports Affairs Directorate should be present in order to take his/her digital  fingerprint; before starting the process the applicant must bring all the documents listed below. for schedule an appointment Please click here

Documents needed to apply for Iraqi passport

  • Passport form filled out accurately according to the Iraqi documents. You can find the form in the link below:

              Please click here

  • Iraqi personal ID (Hawyat el ahwal) and nationality certificate (shahadat el Jensia) or unified card (original + photocopy).
  • Recent photos with a white background, two (2) size (2 x 2) without glasses.
  • The old Iraqi passport, type (G or A).
  • Iraqi personal ID (Hawyat el ahwal ) for the father (if minor) or unified card (original + photocopy).
  • A fee of $ 20 in cash.

Notes :

  • Please watch the video below for filling out the form to ensure the form is filled according to the regulations of Passports Affairs Directorate.

  •  In case the passport is lost, a police report certified by the Department of state/Secretary of state and a copy of a published newspaper advertisement should be submitted with the documents in addition to a fine of a total of $ 229 in cash.
  • In the case the passport is damaged, the damaged passport should be attached with the documents in addition to a $ 214 cash fine.
  • In the case of a mistake in the passport or the passport, pages are full; the fee of $ 170 is collected in cash.
  • In case the date of issuance of the personal Identity cards exceeds (15) years, an electronic copy of  family record issued by the Citizen affairs Directorate in Iraq should be attached to the documents after certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Consular Department.
  • The period of issuance of a passport ranges from (2-4) months, as the passports are printed in Iraq and sent to our consulate.