The foreigner who is married with Iraqi

The Iraqi spouse submits an application to the consulate to request obtaining approval to grant an entry visa to his/her foreign spouse. The application is accompanied by the following:

A – Submit the original passport of his/her foreign spouse. The passport must be valid for a period of not less than six months, along with a colored copy of it.

B- A copy of the civil ID or nationality certificate of the Iraqi spouse applying.

C – A copy of the certified marriage certificate.

D- Fill out the form below for entry visa accurately (do not write by hand). Please make sure to print the current address, phone number, and Email. The form should be signed with the date of submitting.

C – Two recent photos with a white background.

h- Fees are $50 in cash must be paid at the counter.

G- Signing a no-objection document by the applicant to be prepared at the consulate upon receipt of the transaction.


Please print the form after downloading it from the link below. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

All applicants for an entry visa to the Republic of Iraq must submit a medical examination certificate proving that they are free from communicable and contagious diseases.

The entry visa is not granted on the same day of submitting the transaction as the applicant is contacted later after obtaining approval from the Iraqi authorities and then he can come to the consulate to issue the entry visa or the passport can be sent by mail. Making sure to attach a paid return mail envelope with the proper address of the applicant, knowing that the consulate is not responsible for the loss of the contents of the postal envelope.

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