Certification of commercial documents

The Consulate of the Republic of Iraq in Los Angeles certify commercial documents, authorizations, and all other documents related to commercial companies and  agencies issued by commercial entities and bureaus  (Except for certificates of origin and commercial invoices) in the US states that are within the consulate’s work area: Texas, Arizona Seattle, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho).

As for the states that are outside the consulate’s work area, please check with or contact the commercial mission in Washington or the consulate general responsible of that state to know the requirements for certifying commercial documents.

Important note: Certificates of origin and commercial invoices will be issued exclusively at the Iraqi Commercial mission in Washington.

Address of the Iraqi commercial office in Washington, phone and fax:

Iraqi Commercial Office

1801p Street, NW Suite 12

Washington, DC 20036

Tel: (202) -822-2088

Business hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am until 15:00.

Requirements for certifying commercial documents and authorizations (except for certificates of origin and commercial invoices):

Fill out the application form for certifying commercial documents.

 The documents should be certified by Notary Public.

Certified also by the Secretary of State, of which the company is located.

Then it should be certified by the Department of State, Office of Authentications, in Washington, DC, at the following address:

600 19th St NW,

Washington, DC 20006

A consular fee of $ 160 (one hundred dollars) for each document required to be certified to be paid in cash or (Money order)

Please use either  USPS or FEDEX for sending your documents.

Attach a copy of the documents required for certification with the original copy.

All document should be  submitted to the Iraqi Consulate in Los Angeles / Certification of Commercial Documents department either in person, or by mail with a pre-paid envelope  for return. Please write the address of the applicant correctly to ensure that the documents are returned to its owner after completion.

The consular section is not responsible for losing any documents by mail.

Following the steps listed above in the process and through the explanatory chart by downloading the link below: –