Requirements for the issuance of death certificates

  For the purpose of issuing a death certificate for Iraqi dead people in American states and cities that fall within our mission area, the following instructions must be followed: –

* The American death certificate must be certified by the official US authorities from (SECRETARY OF STATE) with (3) colored copies of the same document.

* (3) Colored copies of the Iraqi personal ID(Hawyit el Ahwal) of the Iraqi deceased.

* Fees for issuing and certifying the Iraqi death certificate is fifteen (15) US dollars (cash).if the death incident passed more than (40) days, it will be an addition delay fine of twenty-three and a half dollars (23.50) US (cash).

* Fill out the form in a clear and a correct way, Iraqi death certificate application form could be found on the website of the Iraqi consulate in Los Angeles by the relatives of the deceased person, the kinship should be illustrated with an attaching a copy of his/her identity.

* In the case of the deceased’s request to bury the body in Iraq, a written request must be submitted by the deceased’s relative(s) and  specify the border point which the body will be entering from, for the purpose of obtaining the necessary approvals for that.

* If the request was sent by US mail, a returned label and an envelope should be attached, write the correct address for the Iraqi consulate in Los Angeles, and write the address of the applicant in a clear and correct way to return it to you after completion.

Note :-

A health certificate not to be infected with COVID-19 (Corona virus) for the deceased whose body is to be transferred to the Republic of Iraq.