Travel document

It has 6 months validity from the date of issuance, the bearer has the right to enter Iraq once and the Consul at the mission is permitted, if necessary, to add other countries and accompanying persons. It is granted in the following cases: –
1. When the citizen loses his/her/her passport and is willing to return to Iraq.
2. In case of withdrawing a citizen’s passport and wants to return to Iraq.
3. In case of deporting an indigent person to Iraq.
4. In case when a foreigner that enters Iraq from an unknown destination, or bears a nationality of a state that has no representation in Iraq and wants to travel to his/her state or a state that accepts him.

Documents relied upon to prove in regards to paragraph (1) above
A. Original expired passport. In case of lost you must attach the police report for lose.

B. National identity Card. 
C. Citizenship Certificate.

D. Three new photographs.

E. Copy of traveling ticket.

F. Copy of Green card or US Driver’s license.

G. Fees of 3$ in cash.

The citizen fills a form containing information about his/her name, birth date, place of residence, and former passport number if any, his/her address in Iraq with the names and addresses of people he knows. 

Please note that this passport is used for a single trip, to return to Iraq, and is delivered at the point of entry into the Iraqi territories.