Requirements for issuing a non-conviction certificate

Requirements for the issuance (Police certificate)

For the purpose of obtaining a non-conviction certificate, the citizen must appear in person in front of the consulate employee. for schedule an appointment Please click here

The required documents:-

  1. Fill in the forms of non-conviction certificate.
  2. Original passport (Iraqi or US) with a copy.
  3. The original Iraqi personal ID(Hawyit el Ahwal) and the Iraqi citizenship certificate(Shahadit el Jensia) or the unified card(Bitaqa al mwahada) and a copy of each one of them.
  4. Personal photos of the applicant, 6 photos size (“2 * 2” with white background).
  5. Fees of (22$) cash only accepted.

Note: To authorize a person to follow the procedures for issuing a non-conviction certificate, the applicant must issue a limited power of attorney.