Religious tourism and visiting the holy places

1- A foreigner wishing to visit the holy shrines in Iraq must apply for the approval of the Directorate of Residence Affairs in Iraq, either through one of the tourism offices recognized by the Iraqi authorities, or refer to the competent department directly through an agent in Iraq.

2- It is required to apply in the form of a tourist group consisting of (5) peoples as a minimum within one approval, and they are granted an entry visa in the form of a list (Manifest), and fees must be paid to all members of the tourist group mentioned in the approval.

3- After obtaining the approval, you can submit to the Consulate General of the republic of Iraq for issuing the entry visa or you can send all the requirements mentioned below by mail to the consulate.

The requirements:

1- Submitting a copy of the approvals obtained from Iraq for the purpose of granting an entry visa.

2- Fill out the form below for entry visa accurately (do not write by hand). Please make sure to sign the last page and confirm the date.

3- three recent photographs with a white background.

4- fee of $40 in cash must be paid. Please note that the consulate is not responsible for the loss of cash if it was sent by mail.

5- A colored copy of the passport.

6- Please take in consideration the health and safety instructions that be followed when traveling to Iraq.


The passport can be sent with the complete requirements by mail. Making sure to attach a paid return mail envelope with the proper address of the applicant, knowing that the consulate is not responsible for the loss of the contents of the postal envelope.

If any of the requirements above are missing a transaction will be cancelled.

The processing of entry visa transactions takes 15 business days from the date of receiving the application.

Please fill out the form after downloading it from the link below. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

All applicants for an entry visa to the Republic of Iraq must submit a medical examination certificate proving that they are free from communicable and contagious diseases.