Tender announcement

Public Announcement (Tender No. 2024/1).

Modifications and Partitioning Project for the New Building of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Stockholm (Solna)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq would like to announce Modifications and Partitioning Project for the New Building of Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm (Solna) in accordance with the drawings, bill of quantities, specifications and building permit that are previously prepared for the project.

Interested Eligible Companies are invited to visit the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq (the new building, Släggbacken 9, 53 171 Solna) to obtain the tender and the other related documents for (Non-refundable 100 USD or 1200 SEK). The reputable companies are exempted from the aforementioned payment of documents and tender requirement according to the Iraqi regulation of the contracts of the projects performed abroad.

The interested Companies shall submit their bidding inside a closed and sealed envelope to the Iraqi Embassy no later than 12 PM on Thursday 18 April 2024, and they shall receive a receipt for their bidding providing, that their bids must be valid no less than (180) days will be start after closing the tenders, on the condition that the bidders shall enclose banker’s cheque or bank guarantee with an amount of (10,462 USD or 125,544 SEK).

The bid will not be accepted later than the bid closing date and any bid that does not meet the requirements stated in the announcement and the other conditions will be excluded. The Embassy is not obligated to accept the lowest submitted bid, and the bidder that will be chosen for the contract will bear publishing and advertising fees, For more information please Contact via emails:

    [email protected] and[email protected]

    Visit the website:      https://mofa.gov.iq/stockholm/

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