Requirements of Issuing Death Certificate:-

1- The American death certificate must be legalized by the official authorities (State Department), with (3) colored copies of the same papers.

2- (3) colored copies of the Iraqi Civil ID for the deceased.

3- Fees of issuing death certificate ($15) cash only accepted, late fees after pass (40) days of death occur will be ($23.50).

4- Death certificate form attached below must be filled by the deceased relative with the concern of fill the paper with accurate information, and to be sending with a copy of his ID.

5- Request by the family to bury the deceased remains in Iraq, should be submit in written request and make sure to specify the (border entrance point) in order to obtain the approval.

6- To obtain the death certificate by mail, please, make certain to include a return envelope addressed to the sender in order to send the certificate after issuing it.