Ambassador Mohammad Jaafar Al-Sadr Participate in the 32nd session of the IMO General Assembly

His Excellency the Ambassador Muhammad Jaafar Al-Sadr, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the International Maritime Organization, participated in the opening ceremony of the 32nd session of the IMO General Assembly, which was held in the United Kingdom on 6/12/2021.

During the opening ceremony, the Ambassador of the Philippines to the United Kingdom, Mr. Antonio Lacadamio, was chosen as the President of the 32nd session of the General Assembly of the Organization for the period from 6-15/12/2021, in addition to the selection of his two deputies.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization, Mr. Kitak Lim, the Iraqi Deputy of the Permanent Representative Ali Uday and the Maritime Attaché of the Republic of Iraq to the United Kingdom, Mr. Mazen Al-Kaabi, in addition to all representatives of the member states of the organization.

The participation of the Embassy and the maritime Attaché in all the meetings of the main and sub-committees of the International Maritime Organisation is to confirm Iraq’s commitment to international standards, for the work of the maritime sector and to develop the maritime industry within Iraq and elevate it to a higher level.