Birth Certificate

Documentation required for issuing Iraqi Birth Certificate

1- A detailed British Birth Certificate (Original) certified by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office – Legalisation Department or by Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Legalisation Department if the birth occurred in The Republic of Ireland.

2- The Iraqi Civil Identity Status and Iraqi Nationality Certificate for both parents (original + colour copy).

3- If there is no change of marital status in the Identity of The Iraqi Civil Card, then the marriage certificate is attached, provided that the latter is certified by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state in which the birth certificate was issued in accordance with the legalization of the Iraqi Embassy in that country.

4- A recent photo of the child.

5- Application form of Iraqi birth certificate filled in by one of the parents and can be obtained from the consular section, or Click Here.

The fees for the issuance of an Iraqi Birth Certificate is as follows:

The issuance fees for Iraqi Birth Certificate £15  
Legalization of Birth Certificate £15  
A fine is imposed on the late application for the Iraqi Birth Certificate if the application was submitted after 60 days on the date of birth, in addition to issuance and legalization fees. £ 9

Important Notes:

1- The names of the parents must be identical to what is stated in the foreign child’s Birth Certificate and the Iraqi documents, it is not possible to issue an Iraqi birth certificate in the case that the father or mother had changed their names. Or there was a difference in names, except if there is a letter of Deed Pool legalized by the FCDO in order to make a decision.

2- The birth certificate is issued to the Iraqi born in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.