Certificate of Origin

Fees for certificates of origin, lists and testing certificates: Fees are levied for attesting certificates of origin, lists and testing certificates, according to the Law of Authenticating Signatures on Iraqi and Foreign Documents No. 52 of 1970 as amended and as shown below:

 1. The aforementioned documents shall be attested by the commercial attachés or the Iraqi missions in the absence of commercial attachés. An amount of (160) pounds shall be collected for attesting each original or photocopy of a certificate of origin, lists, and testing certificates. The last page is to be ratified and all pages to be stamped to avoid forgery procedures, provided that all copies of the documents are closed by a legal seal from the top to avoid withdrawing any paper from them (Consular Department Circular No. 8/9/1/4666 on 05/23/2007)

 2. The aforementioned documents issued by one of the member states of the Arab Common Market and certified by the official reference in the country of origin of goods produced in the Arab countries (without collecting the certification fee) shall be ratified in accordance with the decision of the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States No. 1506 on 19/2 / 2004 and the approval of the Council of Ministers / Economic Affairs Committee in its letter No. 1320 on 26/2/2007 to cancel the certification fees for certificates of origin and accompanying commercial receipts, however, Iraq preserves the right of reciprocity.

 3. The procedures set out below apply to goods manufactured in non-Arab countries and entering the Iraqi market (such as re-exporting from the local market of those countries to the Iraqi market),:

 A – Ratification by

 the consulates of the manufacturing countries of the basic certificate of origin exported to Arab countries.

 B – The ratification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Arab countries exporting the goods as re-export to Iraq on the validity of the seal of the consulate of the manufacturing countries.

 C- Attestation fees amounting to (160) pounds for each transaction shall be collected, with all pages stamped.(The circulars of the Consular Department No. 8/9/1/83159 on 11/08/2010 and 8/9/1/70440 on 07/4/2010).

 D- Certification must confirm that the goods are produced by the same manufacturing countries to avoid fraud in the event of certification in a country other than the country of origin.