Life Certificate

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq would like to advise that Iraqi pensioners residing in the United Kingdom and Ireland can apply by post for life certificates in 2022 only.

Please download the life certificate form from the website of the embassy at  to be filled and sent to the Consular Section at 3 Elvaston Place, London, SW7 5QH via registered mail, with the following documents:

1.      Completed life certificate form for pensioners, signed by the pensioner with his/her left thumbprint

2.      A colour photocopy of one of the following Iraqi IDs: National ID, Civil Statues ID, Citizenship Certificate, a valid Iraqi passport.

3.      2 recent photographs (passport photograph).

4.      Life certificate fee of 20 pounds sterling.

5.      Tracked and stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of the issued certificate.

6.      A phone number with video calling service via Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom for contacting the pensioner.