Foreign Minister Gives Iraq’s Speech at Ministerial Meeting of the Small Group of Global Coalition to Defeat Da’esh

Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim gave a speech at the Ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Small Group in Washington on 14/11/2019.

At the outset of the speech, Minister Alhakim expressed Iraq’s appreciation to the countries of the US-led Global Coalition to Defeat Da’esh , and efforts to support the restoration of stability, provide basic services to the liberated areas, return the displaced to their cities, and strengthen the reconstruction efforts, and thanked the NATO mission for its efforts in capacity building, training and advice.

Minister Alhakim praised the intelligence efforts made by the Iraqi National Intelligence Service and its key role in the killing of terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, explaining: the cooperation, exchange of intelligence and high-level coordination among the coalition countries have resulted in locating and eliminating the leader of Da’esh terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

In his speech, the Minister stressed the importance of strengthening the work and uniting international efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria to ensure its unity, sovereignty, and its direct impact on security and regional stability.
Minister Alhakim called for addressing the humanitarian situation of families in the Hawl camp in Syria, preventing Da’esh from infiltrating IDP camps, spreading its terrorist ideology, and reorganizing its ranks.

Minister Alhakim indicated Iraq’s position on the families in the Al-Hawl Camp stating that “Iraq is ready to receive Iraqi families in Al- Hawl camp after conducting security checks and to verify their Iraqi nationality.
In his speech, Minister Alhakim called on coalition countries to assist in their transfer process and to establish reintegration and rehabilitation programs, pointing out that Iraq urges countries to assume their responsibilities, receive their nationals and ensure that those involved in crimes are held accountable in their countries.
Referring to decisions taken by some countries to withdrawing citizenship of terrorists holding their nationality, Minister Alhakim stated “ We believe that withdrawing citizenship, denying it to terrorists, or not accepting them in the territory of the state of their nationality will not contribute to confronting the terrorist ideology or reduce recruitment; Because terrorism does not recognize borders, its danger can reach all countries of the world.
Reaffirming the call for all States to cooperate immediately with Iraq in the fulfillment of their obligations to receive their nationals from the families of terrorists detained in Iraq or from combatants who have not been criminally prosecuted for their participation in terrorist acts, and appreciates the initiatives of the States that have cooperated with us in this field.

Minister Alhakim expressed his concern over reports that the recent Turkish military operations in northeastern Syria have caused damage to the infrastructure of a number of detention centers and the flight of hundreds of fighters of the terrorist organization and their families, which could harm Iraqi national security and the security of the region.

Minister Alhakim urged States to implement their international obligations contained in relevant international resolutions concerning countering and the finance of terrorism, and to make further efforts to control borders, stop the flow of terrorist and monitor suspicious financial operations, illicit trade with Da’esh and other terrorist organizations, as well as methods and means used by these terrorist organizations to recruit terrorists.

Minister Alhakim thanked the UAE for hosting the Stability Support Group meeting held in Abu Dhabi on 23/10/2019, and the results that support the efforts of the Global Coalition for the stability of the liberated areas. Minister Alhakim underlined the importance of focusing on the transition from stabilization to reconstruction and called on States to fulfill their commitments made at the Kuwait Conference for the Reconstruction of Liberated Areas.

Minister Alhakim touched on the latest developments in Iraq, particularly the demonstrations witnessed in a number of Governorates pointing out that the government is continuing to take the necessary steps to ensure that the demonstrations are not infiltrated by external parties that exploit their legitimate demands, adding that the three presidencies are working to unify efforts to meet demonstrators’ demands through broad reforms, laws guaranteeing social justice, and holding corrupt people accountable.
The government and judicial authorities will continue to investigate the cases of martyrs, wounded protesters, and security forces, and will bring those found guilty of criminal offenses from any party to the court, affirming the government’s commitment to the protection, safety of peaceful protesters.