Iraqi Embassy participates in the closing ceremony of the training program for Iraqi archaeologists

On August 17, 2019. H.E. Ambassador Saleh along with a number of the Embassy staff attended the closing ceremony of the archeologists training program sponsored by the British government, at the British Museum.

The archeology Training Program, including trainees from different provinces and geographical locations in Iraq.  

The five-year program aims to develop a practical archeology experience in excavation and management of archaeological sites. The trainees should be able to use satellite imagery and digital mapping.

In his closing speech, H.E. Ambassador Saleh congratulated the participants for the successful completion of training, and expressed confidence that the skills acquired from the program will impact their archeological fieldwork and enable them to preserve the Iraqi cultural heritage.

H.E Ambassador Saleh also thanked the British museum’s director, Dr. Hartwig Fischer, and the Middle East team for providing support to this project and for their assistance to return the looted Iraqi ancient antiquities home.

The Ambassador reaffirmed that he and the Embassy team made every effort with the relevant authorities in both countries to ensure the continuity of the project for another 5 years. Adding that the government of the Republic of Iraq through its Embassy in London will continue to provide support to extend the project beyond 2020.

Iraqi Embassy in London