Ambassador Saleh met with the coordinator of All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group

H.E Ambassador Saleh Al- Tamimi welcomed to the Iraqi Embassy in London Ms. Nicole Piche, the coordinator of All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group, who attended the meeting on behalf of MP Clwyd.

Ambassador Saleh and Ms. Nicole discussed the importance of exchanging visits with the Iraqi-British parliamentary friendship committee at the Iraqi parliament chaired by MP Iqbal Abdul Hussein, to strengthen the relations and common interests between the two countries through parliamentary activities, which will result in sharing experiences, and visions that involves people’s contribution to cement these relationships.

They also discussed organizing a conference under the sponsership of the Iraqi Embassy in London, to explore new avenues in the fight against corruption. Utilizing from the knowledge the anti-corruption experts will provide.

Ambassador Saleh reaffirmed that this conference will support the Iraqi government efforts to fight corruption, counting on our friends’ expertise in the fight against corruption to develop new approaches and eliminate obstacles to economic development, beside supporting efforts to ensure stability and development.