December 30, 2023

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington extends its congratulations on the occasion of the New Year.

As the New Year dawns, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington wishes the world, and especially the Iraqi community in the United States of America, a new year filled with peace, cooperation, and progress. We look forward to this year being an...

June 6, 2023

Ambassador Al-Khairallah Presents his Credentials to US Chief of Protocol

H.E. Nizar Al-Khairallah, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the United States of America presented his credentials to the chief of protocol of the United States this morning June 6 at the headquarters of the Department of State in Washington DC. H.E....

March 12, 2023

The Iraq Embassy in Washington D.C. Receives Two Artifacts from Iraq’s Treasured Heritage

The Iraqi Embassy in Washington D.C. received two valuable artifacts from US law enforcement agencies. The first artifact, a stunning work of art, was confiscated by the FBI in Boston. The piece is over 2,700 years old and was originally part of the Iraqi...

March 10, 2023

The Minister of Finance visits the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington

Within the framework of her visit to Washington, D.C., at the invitation of the White House to honor her with the Woman of Courage Award, Her Excellency the Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, visited the headquarters of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in...

February 16, 2023

His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs receives the US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and labor

His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Fuad Hussein, received today 15/2/2023, the acting assistance of the US Secretary of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, and the Coordinator of Global Democratic Renewal,...

Uncategorized February 15, 2023

The following statement was released by the governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq

  Begin Text:The delegation of the Republic of Iraq, led by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein,...

Uncategorized November 4, 2022

The Mesopotamian Civilization inspires Iraq Innovators in the United States

With the participation of the US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iraq, Iran, and Public Diplomacy, Mrs. Jennifer Gavito,...

Uncategorized July 28, 2022

Book of Condolences

In honor and appreciation for the souls of the Iraqi martyrs who were martyred as a result of the Turkish strike of...

Uncategorized February 3, 2022



معرض الوسائط

اهم الخدماتاستعلام-عن-معاملة-1.png

الاستعلام عن معاملة

التحقق من حالة الطلبات والحصول على المعلومات الضرورية بسهولة.


حجز مواعيد الكترونية

تحديد مواعيد معينة عبر الإنترنت للزيارة أو الحصول على خدمات معينة.


التوكيلات القضائية

إصدار الوكالات إجراءات إصدار الوكالة العامة أو الخاصة.


شهادة ولادة

اصدار شهادة الولادة وفق قانون تسجيل الولادات والوفيات.


شهادة وفاة

اصدار شهادة وفاة وفق قانون تسجيل الولادات والوفيات.


شهادة المنشأ

شهادات المنشأ والقوائم وشهادات الفحص


اصدار الجوازات

معالجة حلات فقدان الجوازات او تلفها او التعرض للسرقة.


تمديد الجوازات

تمدد الجوازات بعد انتهاء مدة نفاذها أي الفترة المحددة من تاريخ الإصدار.


فقدان الجوازات

جواز السفر هو المستند الذي تصدره الدولة لمواطنيها لغرض السفر إلى خارج البلد.


جواز المرور

دخول العراق مرة واحدة في حالات سحب الجواز والتسفير.