Ambassador participates in the Astana talks on Syria

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Russian Federation, H.E. Haidar Mansour Hadi, participates in the Astana talks on Syria on August 1-2, 2019, after Iraq has been invited to participate as an International Observer.

H.E. held a series of talks with the parties concerned with the Syrian conflict. H.E. clarified the official positions of the Iraqi Government on all developments in Syria, noting that the participation of Iraqi delegation in the Astana talks on Syria comes in the context of Iraqi Government’s view on supporting the peaceful solution of the conflict and the return of Syria to the Arab League, adding that Iraq’s firm position on the Syrian conflict is represented by the need to intensify the efforts to find a political solution and to end the suffering of Syrian people. H.E. also pointed out to that the Iraqi Foreign Ministry is stressing on the need for a political solution that meets the ambitions of the Syrian people and that the continuation of the conflict will drag the region into serious consequences that threaten its security and stability and gives the terrorism a new opportunity to expand after it was defeated in Iraq and decreased significantly in Syria. Iraq has always stressed on the need to support the efforts of a peaceful solution to end the vicious cycle of violence in neighboring Syria, on the basis of respect for its independent decision and the end of interference in its internal affairs. H.E. added that Iraq by the participation in the Astana talks is trying to converge the views of all delegations participating and to support the international movement to reach a comprehensive solution on the Syrian conflict and this participation comes in order to play an active role in the search for a solution to the Syrian conflict, stressing on that Iraq is seeking great attention to the success of international conferences aim to activate talks between all parties concerned on the Syrian conflict and hopes that all Syrian parties will reach solutions so that the Syrian people can live in harmony and peace.

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