Ambassador participates in Maddox Pharma Swiss conference

On July 11, 2019, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Russian Federation, H.E. Haidar Mansour Hadi, participated in the medical conference organized by the pharmaceutical company “Maddox Pharma Swiss”. The conference was held in Moscow with the participation of more than 90 doctors and pharmacists from Iraq.

The Ambassador in his speech expressed the support of the Iraqi embassy to the Russian Federation for such conferences which seek to discuss the development of the health sector in all countries of the world, noting that the participation of such large number of delegates from Iraq reflects the desire of Iraqi doctors to follow the scientific developments in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical industry. H.E. also said that the embassy is prepared to facilitate all procedures for international companies wishing to work in Iraq, and stressed on that the Iraqi embassy in Russia is considering the possibility of signing agreements with the Russian Ministry of Health in order to increase bilateral cooperation between Iraq and Russia in the field of health, also a coordination with the Russian Ministry of Health is going on in order to bring some wounded Iraqi security forces members and citizens who were injured in the terrorist operations in Iraq.

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