Charge d’ Affaires visits the Iraqi School

Charge d’ Affaires Dr. Hamed Ibraheem Al-Jeboori visited the Iraqi school on the 19th December 2018 to view the current its situation. He discussed the matter with the school’s principal and the management about school’s needs and the current and potential impediments facing students and their parents. He also viewed the building, being a part of the Embassy’s land, and was informed on the maintenance needed. He briefed the school management on the educational process and how it is a hard duty to carry out, and therefore its came unsurprisingly that educationists have always been essential element in the society.
The Charge d’ Affaires expressed his readiness to offer the required assistance to the school. He also had chat with the students and urged them to succeed and keep abreast with the latest technological development, noting that the importance of inculcating leadership culture in students to be leaders of future.