Marriage Divorces Registration

Foreign directories issue contracts and a decision of marriage and divorce, according to the laws and these documents implemented for Iraqi citizens in the records of Civil Status in accordance with the legal requirements set out in Article 38 of the Civil Status Law No. 65 of 1972 and all Iraqis live outside Iraq have to notify.

The Embassy or General Consulate about the event of marriage or divorce, or annulment, for the purpose of registration in the Department of civil Status the husband performs the following: –
1-Translate the marriage contract or divorce judgment if it is in the foreign language by the Association of Iraqi translators or the Faculty of Languages at the University of Baghdad exclusively.
2- Ratify the marriage contract or divorce judgment from the Consular Department / ratifications section.
3- The husband submits a copy of the marriage contract or judge’s decision to divorce accompanied by a copy of the Arabic translation of the above mentioned with a certified copy of the Civil Status Card of the husband and the wife to the Civil Affairs Department, which issued the Civil Status Card of the husband for the purpose of marking the marriage and open a new page for a couple independent from the family and indicate the divorce in case it takes place.
Note: – It is not possible for the Embassy or the Mission to provide a confirmation letter for an unmarried citizen, whether man or woman, only after providing a copy of registration from the Civil Affairs Department during the period of issuance of confirmation.
It is possible for the citizen resides abroad to grant a private authorization for a person in Iraq authorizing him or her to audit the Department of Civil Status Affairs for the purpose of issuing a copy of registration.