On the occasion of Human Rights Day, December 10 2022, The Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq H.E Mr.Mohammed S. Al-Sudani has issued an official statement where he renewed the commitment of the Government of Iraq to what was stated in the governmental program regarding the protection of public freedoms and human rights.

H.E Prime Minister reaffirmed the endeavor of the Government of Iraq to develop ways of complying with the international agreements signed by Iraq, to deal responsibly and transparently with this topic as a fundamental and central issue, and to make the necessary efforts to establish a culture of human rights in our society. H.E Mr. Al-Sudani highlighted that Iraq is celebrating this day that represents the Iraqi government’s pursuit of the ultimate goal of preserving the dignity of the Iraqi citizen, and upholding it in all aspects of life.

H.E Prime Minister added that the Iraqi government’s actions in combating extremism and renouncing violence, to ensure peaceful coexistence among all components of the people, combating corruption and maintaining security, providing services to citizens, and reducing violations, in their entirety, represent a proper understanding of the importance of human rights issues. Moreover, the Government of Iraq believes that promoting and protecting human rights is everyone’s responsibility without exception, including all agencies, whether in the government, the judiciary, the parliament, the national institutions, and civil society.