Undersecretary for Political Planning and Prime Minister’s Advisor for Scientific Affairs Participates in a Seminar at Foreign Service Institute

Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Political Planning Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, hosted Professor Dhiya Al-Jumeily Prime Minister’s advisor for Scientific Affairs and Artificial Intelligence, to give a lecture on” the uses of artificial intelligence” to the students of the 28th Diplomatic Course, at the Foreign Service Institute, the Seminar was attended by Ambassador Dr. Fareed Yassin, Iraq’s Climate Envoy, and the Dean of the Foreign Service Institute.

The Undersecretary, stressed in his speech on the current government interest in expanding the use of technology and digital tools in developing the work of ministries and governmental  institutions, and improving the services provided to citizens, as well as activating the benefit of artificial intelligence applications in various fields, including diplomatic work, emphasizing the need to invest in providing the required resources and developing the capabilities of employees, to keep pace with future changes in the world.

During the Seminar, Professor Al-Jumeily reviewed examples of artificial intelligence applications in the world, and the government’s plans and the proposed strategy to improve Iraq’s classification to be one of the countries interested in increasing the use of modern technology, in addition he stressed that the expansion of uses of artificial intelligence applications are developing very fast, indicating the need to invest in existing opportunities, especially as Iraq is one of the countries rich in human resources, where the percentage of youth under the age of 30 is about 60%.