Head of the Consular Department Discusses mechanism to Streamline the Procedures on the Issuance Authenticity of Official Documents with the Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Justice and the Director General of Real Estate Registration

On 1/2/2022, the Head of the Consular Department, Mukhles Ali Rajab, discussed the mechanism of streamlining the consular procedures related to the issuance authenticity of the letters, with Mr Ziad Khalifa Khazal, the senior Underseecretary of the Ministry of Justice, and Mr Raad Saadallah, Director General of Real Estate Registration, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice.

 During the meeting, they discussed the facilities that the Consular Department can provide in cooperation with the Department of Real Estate Registration in order to streamline the procedures of issuing the letters of issuance authenticity for citizens.

 The Ministry of Justice expressed its readiness to study the proposals submitted through the technical teams of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to take the necessary measures to serve the interest of the citizen and the public interest.

These meetings come in the implementation of the directives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the end of the first phase of the development of the consular work and preparations for the second phase.

 The work team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consisting of Director General Dr Khaled Hameed Rasheed, the Supervisor of System “My Document”, Deputy Head of the Consular Department Musa Mahdi Makawi, Counsellor Muthanna Zwain Muhammad, Counsellor Hassan Mohsen Abdul Karim, Director of the ICASS Development Team, as well as the specialized staff from the Ministry of Justice attended the meeting.