Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Rome meets President of Campania Europe and Mediterranean Association

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Rome, Mrs. Safia Talib Al-Suhail, met the President of Campia Europe and Mediterranean Association, Dr. Enzo Barziali on the sideline of the festival honoring creative persons organized by the association under the auspices of the House of Representatives and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the municipality of San Giorio, the Italian-Arab Friendship Association and a number of local institutions in southern Italy. 

Mrs. Suhail thanked Dr. Barziali and the Special Jury for the (Marzani) Award for choosing the Iraqi Diplomacy as its ambassador to receive the award for this year with the Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps, the Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman Mr. Ahmed bin Salem Baomarand the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia, Mrs. Tsovinar Hambertsomian. 

She also praised the musical and cultural program presented by the festival this year and the cultural and humanitarian dialogue sessions in which the Italian and European cultural, literary and media elite participated.

She also invited the association to visit Iraq and stressed the welcome of the Embassy and its staff to bridge relations between the association and other associations and research and dialogue centers in Iraq. 

Ambassadors who worked for peace and stability in the world were honored, and also those who had prominent role in the development of relations between their countries and the friendly country Italy; Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Mrs. Safia Al-Suhail, the Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps, the Ambassador of Oman, in addition to the Ambassador of Armenia were honored for what they have done and are doing in activating relations and strengthening cooperation for peace and stability and building relations, partnerships and bridges between their countries and Italy.   

Mr. Barziali, stressed that honoring the Iraqi ambassador in Rome, Mr. Al Suhail, with this award come for her role in developing relations and deepening the friendship between Italy and Iraq.