Passport Issuance

If the citizen loses his passport then he needs a new passport .
First: Some Instructions for a new passport issuance :
– if the citizen possesses no identity documents , he contact his family in Iraq and ask them to take original documents that prove his Iraqi nationality to the Consular Department which inform the embassy with that.
– It is possible to issue a passport for the child, regardless of their age after getting an approval from his parents .
– it is not possible to issue a passport based only on the Civil Status Card , without the nationality certification.
– The new citizenship law no. (26) 2006 and in its Article 10 authorizes dual nationality, so it is possible for an Iraq citizen to get an Iraqi passport, despite having a foreign nationality unless he declares a written abandonment of the Iraqi nationality.
– An applicant for a passport should be present in person to the mission.
– Applications for a passport for women and children living outside Iraq, needs no approval of those charged with authority.
– The old personal documents can be used in condition that the embassy employee confirms that the applicant himself holds those documents.
– The identity card of children under one year of age, which include not photo can be used after submitting a letter of support from the embassy with a photo of the applicant.
– The naturalized winning the Iraqi citizenship under the new law No. (26) 2006 needs to provide a nationality certificate.
– Passports to be issued only from the Ministry not from the missions.
– A passport of an Iraqi citizens should not be taken back only by a decision of the higher authorities.
Some instructions for Iraqi passports currently in force :
1 . Passport Edition (S) , issued in 2004
This Edition is valid for eight years starting from the date of issuance not from the date of validity and if it’s already been extended and expired it will not be extended.

2 . Passport Electronic Edition (G) 2006 
A – Validity of this edition is eight years with no extension .
B – On 10/07/2009 Directorate of Passports stopped completely issuing this edition , and considered all passports of this category (G) , which issued by the aforementioned office in 2006 and became effective until the date of validity , and could not be replaced unless its pages ended or become invalid .
3 . Passport edition (A) 2009
A – this edition issued in 2009 and considered as a completion of the passport edition (G) but not a substitution for it . Anyone who holds the passport edition (G) cannot be granted a passport of edition (A) unless it ends its pages or became invalid .
B – The missions organized the palpations for these passports and sent them electronically to the Directorate of Passports for printing them and send them to the missions concerned.
C – Validity of these passports is eight years and could not be extended.
D – Issuance of these passports are currently in Iraq (Directorate of Passports) .
E – The form no. (1) is used at the present time for obtaining the passport (A).

Requirements for obtaining passport Edition (A)
1 – Fill in the form of application accurately in both Arabic and English languages published on the web site of the Passports Directorate following the link :
2 – Signature to be put on the right box and thumbprint in the left box.
3 – The applicant’s photo to be stamped with the consular seal .
4 – The form should be signed by the consul with the consular stamped seal .
5 – The form and the attachments should be sent electronically to the Directorate of Passports:
Attachments of the passport application for edition (A): 
A –fee is (20) U.S. dollars or its equivalent in other currencies .
B – Three color photos ( white background ) .
C – a color copy of a the nationality card .
D – a color copy of the Civil Status Document .