Press release

The Iraqi government condemns in the strongest terms the bombardment which targeted a tourist resort in the city of Zakho, today Wednesday 20/7/2022.
The Government of Iraq reiterates that these attitudes represent a flagrant violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, and an obvious threat to its civilians, a number of whom were martyred and others were injured as a result of this act.
This attack is a threat to the security of Iraq and the stability of its people. Emphasizing our categorical rejection of these violations that violate international instruments and laws, we point out that Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has directed the formation of an investigative committee headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Fuad Hussein and the membership of a number of security leaders to look into the details regarding the party concerned. A top-level diplomatic response will be taken, starting from resorting to the UN Security Council as well as adopting all other measures needed to be taken in this regard.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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