Death Certificate

Death Certificates : 

1- Swedish death certificate (A4 size) certified by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2- The identity of the Iraqi civil status for the deceased, number (1).

3- The Iraqi death certificate application form filled out with his/her relationship with the deceased and can be obtained from the Iraqi Consular Section.

Second: fees

Attestation of foreign death certificate 150 SEK.

A late application for an Iraqi death certificate will be fined if the application is submitted 45 days after the date of death of SEK 100.

 The entry fee for an Arab or foreign body is 3200 US dollars.

Important Notes:

1- The name of the deceased must match what is stated in the Swedish death certificate and the Iraqi civil status identity.

2- According to the instructions of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, the cause of death must be mentioned in the Swedish death certificate, otherwise an Iraqi death certificate cannot be issued.

3- The death certificate is issued to Iraqis who died in the Kingdom of Sweden only.

Death certificates:

After the consular officer confirms the death of Iraqi C, the consular department records the death in an Iraqi death certificate that it issues on the basis of Article 10 of the Births and Deaths Registration Law, which is issued on an Arabic basis. Or a foreign death certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the mission’s work area.

The Consul shall write down the information in all fields of the certificate and the civil status card data of the deceased, his son or his wife, and the death certificate may not be issued to any person other than the Iraqi, and the death certificate shall be issued in four copies. be:-

The first copy (white copy), a copy of the civil status, the second copy (red copy) a copy of relatives, the third copy (green or yellow), the electronic system copy, and the fourth copy (blue copy) except for the embassy’s consular section for the purpose of reference when needed.

Copies of the civil status and the electronic system are sent to the Ministry of Health / Department of Health and Life Statistics attached with a true copy of the death certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the mission’s work area with a copy of the civil status card of the deceased in the first mail.

The Consul must always remember some of the fields in the Consular Section Certificate, including:-

(The date of issuance of the death certificate – stamped with the seal of the consular department – with the name and signature of the consul) bearing in mind that each death certificate must include the following: –

(Name of the deceased – date of birth – nationality – date of death – cause of death – place of death)

The death certificate is necessary for the family of the deceased for the purpose of registration in the civil records, records, inheritance and inheritance issues, so the family copy of the certificate must be delivered to the relatives for the purpose of registration in the civil registry case records. If the mission suspects that the death occurred as a result of a criminal act, it shall request the relevant authority in its area of ​​operation for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death and inform the Consular Department of the results.

Note: – The period for reporting a death outside Iraq is (45) days from the date of death and the implementation of Paragraph (a) of Article (10) of the Amended Births and Deaths Law No. (148) for the year 1971. In the event of delay in notification of death, an amount must be paid Ten thousand dinars as a fine or an amount equivalent to ($8.50) as late registration fees, according to the accountant’s receipt (37 A) (instructions of the Consular Department 8/4/21/64161 on February 4, 2009).