Contract for the Protection of the Ministry’s Building k9(for Police Dogs)

Bid number: 1/2020

Contracting method: Public tender announcement

Estimated cost: (220,000,000) Two hundred twenty million Iraqi dinars

     The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq announces a tender procedure for the conclusion of the contract to protect the Ministry’s building k9 (for police dogs). For those wishing to participate in the tender from owners of discreet companies in the provision of service k9 (for police dogs), review the headquarters of the Ministry located in Baghdad / Salihiya area to obtain all documents and requirements for the tender for an amount of ($ 100) one hundred US dollars not refundable.

     Provided that the bids are received within a closed and sealed file in the address (above) no later than at twelve noon on Monday, 20/01/2020 (the closing date of the tender), the period of validity of the bid shall be (180) days from the deadline for submitting the bid, on to attach with the tender the initial insurance amounting to (1%) of the value of the estimated cost in the form of a certified instrument or a letter of bank guarantee, and we also inform you that he will hold a conference at the Ministry’s center at twelve o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday, 19/1/2020 to answer questions and inquiries For advanced companies, bids will be opened by the Bid Opening Committee on the same day as closing bids For a tender, and if the opening day coincides with an official holiday, it shall be postponed to the next day and any bid submitted after the closing date of the tender will be neglected, and every bid that does not meet the conditions stated in the announcement and the terms of the tender documents will be excluded and the contracting party is not obligated to accept the lowest tenders, and the bidder who wins the tender will bear wages Publishing and advertising, and for more information, you can contact us via e-mail: or visit the ministry’s website:

                                                                                                Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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