Ambassador participates in the ceremony of honoring the Secretary General of the League of Islamic States.

On July 22, 2019, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Russian Federation, H.E. Haidar Mansour Hadi, participated in the celebration organized by the Institute of Orientalism of the Russian Academy of Sciences to honor Dr. Mohammed bin Al-Karim Al-Issa, the Secretary General of the League of Muslim States, the honorary doctorate. Ambassador assured the participants that the establishment of such celebrations would contribute to the process of rapprochement between the Islamic peoples and Russia, noting that the centers of scientific studies are one of the most important means that promote cultural relations between countries through writing of scientific research of common interest especially the researches that are related to spreading the culture of tolerance among people, noting that the multiplicity of religions in Russia is a living example of peaceful coexistence. H.E. added that Iraq has succeeded in defeating the terrorist organizations through the solidarity of its people against extremism. H.E. pointed out to that ISIL tried to spread the distinction between the Iraqi people but the will of the Iraqi people prevented that, and that the victory of Iraq became a model for fighting against terrorism internationally and regionally. On the sidelines of the ceremony, Ambassador met the Director of the Institute, Mr. Vitaly Naumkin, explaining the embassy’s desire to establish joint cooperation in the field of scientific research between the Iraqi scientific centers and the Institute, as well as holding seminars on the transitional stage in Iraq after the victory on ISIL.

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