The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Islamabad meets the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea.

H.E. Mr. Hamid Abbas Lafta, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Islamabad, on 19/10/2020, met with Mr. Kwak Sung Kyu, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea.

The two sides exchanged greetings, and talked about the workplace.

The Ambassador expressed his sadness upon the death of the deputy general manager of Daewoo Company operating in Al-Faw port, extending his condolences to him, expressing the pain of the incident that stirred the sympathy of all Iraqi people.

On the other hand, the Ambassador praised the contribution of Korean companies to the reconstruction of the Iraqi liberated cities, assuring that his country has distinguished relations with the Korean side, based on the principle of common interests.

Mr. Kwak Sung Kyu expressed his happiness during this meeting, calling at the same time for the continuation of communication that would enhance the relationship that serves the interests of the two countries.

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