The Iraqi Ambassador In Islamabad was chosen as one of the best ambassadors for the year2021

The Media forum of The Diplomatic Insight Group in Islamabad arranged the fourth award ceremony to honor number of distinguished ambassadors among the accredited ambassadors to Pakistan, at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital on 25th November, 2021. The award ceremony was organized to appreciate distinguished and influential ambassadors who strengthened the diplomatic relationship of Pakistan with their countries and for their efforts on the diplomatic community level. The selection concluded by a committee that included numerous ambassadors, heads of Pakistani media institutions, political and diplomatic research centers.

H.E Hamid Abbas Lafta , Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Islamabad was chosen among the distinguished ambassadors, along with the ambassadors of Morocco, Republic of Yemen, Kingdom of Spain, Federal Republic of Somalia, People’s Republic of China, Republic of Moldova , the head of the European Union and the director of the WHO office in Islamabad.

The ceremony was held under the auspices of Pakistani State Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mr. Farrukh Habib, who presented appreciation awards and commemorative shields to the ambassadors chosen. The ceremony was attended by a group of ambassadors accredited to Islamabad, senior politicians and diplomats, media and social worthies and businessmen of Pakistan