Foreign Minister meets Pakistani Minister of Religious affairs and Interfaith Harmony

The Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met on Thursday 12/8/2021 the Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Mr. Noor Al-Haq Qadri.
The Minister stressed the depth of the historical relations between the two countries, calling for bilateral cooperation in all fields, praising the standings of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in support of Iraq in its war against ISIS terrorist gangs, and economic cooperation, looking forward to finding new cooperation opportunities that contribute to achieving the aspirations of the two countries.
The Minister indicated that all religions converge on the basis of respect for the human being, his dignity, and spreading the culture and values of peace, while ISIS only spread the culture of hatred, displacement, and killing, these gangs targeted all religions, starting with Muslims, then Christians, and Yazidis, and that all religions reject what ISIS terrorists do.
The two sides agreed upon exchanging religious experiences, especially in combating terrorism and extremism, and ways to confront the ideology of Al-Qaeda and extremists.
They also discussed the issue of the religious visit to Iraq because of its great importance to Muslims in the world, stressing the Iraqi efforts to facilitate the granting of entry visas to Pakistani visitors who are wishing to visit the holy shrines in Iraq.
 For his part, Mr. Noor Al-Haq Qadri thanked the Minister for his visit, stressing the depth of the spiritual relations that bind the two friendly peoples. He added that the Iraqi people are a brave and generous people, and the two sides agreed upon their wish to exchange visits and experiences between clerics of all groups, and that they are keen to develop religious tourism with Iraq.