The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Islamabad pays a courtesy call upon the Pakistani Minister of Health.

H.E. Mr. Hamid Abbas Lafta, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Islamabad has paid a courtesy call upon Dr. Faisal Sultan, the Pakistani Minister of Health, on 14/09/2020, at the Ministry of Health.
       The two sides discussed the recent measures taken by the two countries regarding Coronavirus and the ways to counter this virus, as it is a common threat that threatens everyone.
The two sides also discussed the issue of the religious visits to Iraq because of its great importance to the Islamic world.
Mr. Ambassador affirmed that the Iraqi government is studying the issue of the Arbaeeniya visit of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, for this year, the existed possibilities and whether visitors from around the world may be allowed to travel to Iraq. This visit will be according to a plan, conditions and specific instructions that guarantee the safety of everyone and lead to the success of the visit.
       On his part, Mr. Faisal affirmed that the Pakistani Ministry of Health has been working in coordination with the Pakistani Crisis Cell to prepare a special action plan for the Arbaeeniya visit. The Iraqi Embassy will be provided with this plan upon completion of it, and that they are awaiting the Iraqi government’s decision in this regard.