Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Islamabad receives a number of representatives of the Strategic Studies Institute in Islamabad.

H.E. Mr. Hamid Abbas Lafta, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Islamabad, on 26/8/2020, has received Mrs. Amna Khan / Director of the Middle East and Africa Center affiliated with the Institute for Strategic Studies, and Mrs. Fatima Raza / Research Associate at the Center.
Ms. Amna presented a brief overview of the Institute’s work, interests, and portfolios related to it.
On his part, the Ambassador asked to activate the role of the Iraqi portfolio and highlight it, in coordination with the Iraqi Embassy, ​​to raise it to advanced levels befitting the history and civilization of Iraq, and in line with the depth of relations between the two friendly countries.
The Ambassador extended his thanks and appreciation to the representatives of the Institute of Strategic Studies, expressing the embassy’s cooperation for the success of the mission of this institute, in a way that achieves the desired interest by highlighting the name of Iraq in all the forums that are held in the Mission’s workplace.