The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq meets the Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Airforce.

     H.E. Mr. Hamid Abbas Lafta, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Islamabad met with the Chief of Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force, Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan, on Monday 22/6/2020, at the headquarters of the Pakistan Air Force.
     The Ambassador conveyed the greetings of the Iraqi armed forces, expressing his thanks and gratitude for the efforts made by the Pakistani side regarding training Iraqi military officers by giving them the opportunity to participate in the advanced training courses held by the Pakistani Ministry of Defense to enhance and develop military experiences with the Iraqi side, pointing to the possibility of holding military training courses in Iraq to include the largest number of military officers and to benefit from Pakistani military expertise in all military fields.
       On the other hand, the Honorable Marshal started his speech by congratulating the ambassador on the assumption of the duties of his new assignment as Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Islamabad, wishing him success and achievement in strengthening bilateral relations to serve both countries.
       He affirmed his support for His Excellency by making every effort to achieve this, disclosing the readiness of the military establishment to cooperate with the friendly country Iraq.
       At the conclusion of the meeting, the two sides affirmed the strengthening and deepening of the brotherly Iraqi / Pakistani relations.