The Acting Chargé d’ Affairs in the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq meets his Kuwaiti Counterpart in Islamabad.

The Acting Chargé d’ Affairs Counselor Mr. Abdul Salam Saddam Muheisen, accompanied with a number of Staff of the Iraqi Embassy met with his Counterpart Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Manadi, Acting  Chargé d’ Affairs of the State of Kuwait in Islamabad on 17/9/2019.

The meeting, which is considered as an important, discussed about bilateral relations and the depth of the relationship between the two neighbor countries in view of the links of history, geography and culture, and reviewed the mechanism of cooperation in various fields to achieve common interests that serve the two countries.

   The visit comes within the framework of a series of visits by the Iraqi Embassy in line with the diplomatic movement carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with most countries in the world to achieve common interests.

   On his part, Mr. Al-Manadi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the staff of the Iraqi Embassy for this visit, calling at the same time to intensify visits to the two countries, which would strengthen the relationship in the field of the mission and achieve results that are in the interest of both countries.