Ministry of Foreign Affairs Summons Turkish Ambassador to Iraq and hands him a Strong Note of Protest

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned on Thursday, 21st July, 2022, the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Mr Ali Riza Guney, against the background of the blatant and criminal act on a tourist resort at the Parakh Village/Sub-District of Darkar / Dohuk Province in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, on 20th Jul, 2022, resulting in the martyrdom and injury of numerous of safe Iraqi civilians, including women and children which intimidated the citizens and spread panic among them.
In this connection, the Ministry has handed the ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye to Iraq a strong note of protest which conveyed the Iraqi Government’s condemnation of this heinous crime committed by the Turkish troops, that has topped its continuous aggressions on the sovereignty of Iraq and the sanctity of its territories, and has taken on a new provocative form that can not be tolerated and that was represented by targeting safe citizens in the depth of Iraqi cities.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates that Iraq has the right to take all the required actions covered by the international charters and instruments that secure the sovereignty of its territories and the safety of its citizens against the vicious and reprehensible acts. As Iraq demands the withdrawal of all the Turkish troops from the Iraqi territories; it calls on Turkey to resolve its internal problems away from the borders of Iraq and causing harm to its people, and demands Turkey to submit an official apology for this crime and compensate the relatives of the innocent martyrs and wounded.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to mobilize all the efforts and the sources of power to stand against this serious shift in the series of Turkish aggressions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
21st July, 2022