The people and Government of Iraq still painfully remember the heinous crime that occurred on 12 June, 2014, against approximately 1,700 cadets of the heroic Iraqi Army’s Air Force; this never-ending wound that never heals, and another living witness of the terrorist group which called (ISIS) brutality and barbarity act of abducting and murdering thousands of unarmed Iraqi cadets soldiers from Speicher Airbase Camp, some cadets were dumped into the Tigris (Dijlah) river, while some were buried in mass graves in the Presidential Palaces’ compound.
Iraq with its entire soul demands the International Community and all Human Rights’ institutions and other organizations to condemn this disgraceful crime to humanity which took the lives of our innocent children, and to closely strive to impose an international resolution that condemn this crime and consider it as a genocide against humanity, as well as, to internationalize the massacre of the martyrs of Speicher Camp, and that the perpetrators to be prosecuted by the International Courts for their horrific act which will ever touch the conscious of humanity. As well as, demanding to reveal the mass graves that were carried out by the terrorist gangs (ISIS) in the presidential palaces complex and in other places, and to be considered as a racially motivated genocide.