Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Chairs Ministerial Council for Economy 19th Meeting

On Monday, July 1, 2024. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, chaired the Ministerial Council for Economy 19th Meeting. The Meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning, the Ministers of Agriculture, Industry, Labor and Social Affairs, the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Chairman of the Securities Commission, Oil Ministry Undersecretary, and Prime Minister’s advisors for Economic and Legal Affairs.

The Council hosted representatives of the Ministry of Oil, to discuss facilitating customs procedures regarding Ministry of Oil’s goods (National Effort contracts, licensing round contracts, and the Ministry’s strategic contracts). The Council confirmed its decision and the circulation of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to allow the clearance of goods belonging to ministries and entities not affiliated with a Ministry and government institutions after submitting an official pledge to complete all customs procedures in accordance with the Customs Law when they are due.

The Council also decided that the Ministry of Water Resources would submit a detailed report on the project to address salinity and prevent the rise of salt tides in Shatt Al Arab, and the consultative body opinion regarding it.

The Council decided to emphasize that all ministries and entities not affiliated with a Ministry, to implement Article 30/Second of the Federal General Budget Law (Purchasing National Product) in support of the national economy and national industry, especially with regard to container seals (which close containers transporting goods and follow them electronically), and the Ministry of Industry following the procedures for imposing product protection fees.

The Council also decided to approve a project to Rehabilitate streets in the neighborhoods of New Mithaq, New Airport, and Al Intisar in Rutba District, and to direct the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations to follow up on the implementation of the work during implementation and not upon initial receipt.

Additionally, the Council decided to recommend the Council of Ministers to approve the committee’s recommendations to establish mechanisms to regulate the import of used materials, while reviewing the controls every six months instead of three months.