The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Iraq, reviewed the important initiative launched by President of the United States of America Joseph Biden, which was carried out in cooperation with the Egyptian and Qatari governments, and the support of many Arab countries. And while The Foreign Ministry support these efforts, it calls for an end to the aggression, and urge the international community to assume its responsibilities and stop the horrific violations for international law, international humanitarian law, and human rights. In addition to we urge our Palestinian brothers to deal positively with the proposed initiatives, in a way that preserves their rights and legitimate aspirations, and endure the suffering to alleviate their people’s struggling . 

It is useful to take into consideration initiatives that leads to stopping the aggression of the occupation forces, ensure a complete withdrawal of these forces from Gaza, and lead to the reconstruction of the Strip and the return of life to it. This must be a step towards restoring the Palestinian people’s full rights, and the world must become aware of the magnitude of the crime that was committed against this suffering People through no fault of their own.
Iraq is working hard with its brothers and partners to deliver humanitarian aid, stop the absolute injustice against the Palestinian people, and help to guarantee their rights and future.

Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Iraq
June 1, 2024