Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Gives Iraq’s Speech at Chinese – Arab States Cooperation Forum 

On Thursday May 30, 2024. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein, gave the speech of the Republic of Iraq at the opening session of the 10th Ministerial Conference of the Chinese – Arab States Cooperation Forum, which is being held in the capital, Beijing. In his speech the Minister indicated that the Arab-China relations have reached strategic levels, as the volume of trade exchange between China and the Arab countries increased from approximately $25 billion when the Forum was established in 2004 to reach approximately $400 billion in 2024. Minister Hussein stressed that the strategic partnership between the Arab world and the People’s Republic of China opens broader areas for economic cooperation, based on the foundations of comprehensive cooperation and development, in addition to the Minister discussed the possibility of benefiting from the experiences and expertise of China in various fields, and given the great challenges the world in general and the Arab region in particular are suffering as a result of climate change and the aggravating problem of desertification; as a consequence there is an urgent need to expand cooperation mechanisms with China to include utilizing modern expertise and technologies.

The Minister indicated that the Arab-Chinese relations have a long history dating back thousands of years, when the civilizations of both parties were in continuous economic and commercial cooperation on the ancient Silk Road, emphasizing that the revival of this road represented by the Belt and Road Initiative, which has been launched since ten years, is one of the important initiatives to advance the economic reality, not only for Arab countries, but also all its 150 member states. In addition to affirming that Iraq’s strategic geographical position, as well as its recently growing economic relations with China and its strategic partnership with the European Union, made the Iraqi government give serious consideration to the importance of connecting China in the east with european countries in the west, therefore, His Excellency Prime Minister Mr. Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani launched the Development Road Project, which will connect Al Faw Grand Port in southern Iraq, with Turkey, all the way to Europe and Asia, with a length of 1,200 kilometers inside Iraq.

Minister Fuad Hussein appreciated the friendly stances of China towards all Arab issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue, and its stance on the UN resolutions to cease fire in Gaza and end the genocide committed by the occupying Israeli entity, in addition to its vote in support of Palestine’s joining the United Nations. The Minister also commended the efforts of the Chinese friends in adopting the historic reconciliation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and complemented the diplomatic efforts initiated by Iraq in this field.Minister Fuad Hussein welcomed the continued support  of the Chinese government to calm the situation in Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Syria.