Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Portugal Organizes Lisbon Forum

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Portugal, in cooperation and coordination with the European Institute for Dialogue and Development (EIDE), organized the Lisbon Forum, which witnessed a distinguished attendance from both sides. During the Forum Ambassador Dr. Adel Mustafa, gave a speech in which he stressed that this collective organizing between the two countries is the first of its kind, noting that it will shed the light on the Portuguese experience and how to benefit from it in making constitutional amendments in Iraq.

In addition to, Ambassador Mustafa called on Portuguese companies to invest in Iraq, especially in light the reconstruction campaign taking place in Baghdad and other provinces, indicating that this forum is expected to be held in Baghdad, after the Portuguese side expressed its welcoming for participating at the level of senior officials, as well as the Ambassador extended his thanks to the Portuguese Foreign Ministry for its role in organizing this forum.

Mr. Pedro Passos Coelho, the former Prime Minister of Portugal and a member of the ruling party also delivered a speech in which he stressed the necessity of developing economic, commercial and cultural relations between Lisbon and Baghdad, expressing his readiness to visit Iraq and meet Iraqi officials.

in this regard, it will be recalled that the forum was attended by politicians, businessmen and legal experts elites from both countries, furthermore several sessions were included covering a wide range of topics, such as legal, political, economic and cultural affairs.