Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Receives Iraqi Artifacts from Swiss Interior Minister  

In consistent with the Ministry’s diplomacy to recover smuggled Iraqi antiquities, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein, received three Iraqi antiquities of great significance, dating back to the ancient Assyrian civilization, from the Head of the Swiss federal department of home affairs Ms. Elisabeth Baume-Schneider, on Friday, May 24. 

During the ceremony of handing over the Artifacts Minister Hussein, extended his thanks to the Swiss government for the cooperation extended in recovering this Iraqi cultural heritage, stressing that the Ministry is striving to return the antiquities to Iraq.

It should be noted that the three pieces are a statue of the Assyrian sun god and two reliefs dating back to the Assyrian era BC.

It is worth recalling that the Foreign Ministry received thousands of artifacts from several countries dating back to the Mesopotamian civilization.

During the past two years, the Foreign Ministry also received several artifacts from the Swiss government.