Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Meets Arab Ambassadors to the Swiss Confederation on his Visit to Switzerland

On May 23, 2024. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein, held a meeting with Ambassadors and heads of Arab diplomatic missions accredited in Bern. The Minister reviewed the most important political and security challenges in the region, praising the depth of the relations binding Iraq with Arab countries, emphasizing Iraq’s clear stance which is consistent with the overall Arab stance on the call to stop the war on Gaza and the speeding up entry of humanitarian aid, stressing the danger of expanding the scope of conflict and its continuation.

In addition to the Minister affirmed that Iraq will not be an arena for scores settling, and will always maintain balanced relations with neighboring countries based on the principles of good neighborliness, interests and mutual respect, as well as the countries’s internal problems should not be exported abroad because this will effect the interests of stability of the entire region, and reflects negatively on its economic conditions.

Minister Fuad Hussein touched on the situation in Iraq, and Iraq’s efforts to initiate strategic projects such as the Development Road in cooperation with Arab and neighboring countries to create a stable political and economic environment in the region, and establish a new phase of construction and cooperation.

On their part, Arab ambassadors expressed their thanks and appreciation for this meeting, praising Iraq’s position, stressing the importance of this kind of visits to european countries to coordinate and clarify stances to serve joint Arab action.