Embassy of  Republic of Iraq in Paris Organizes The Digital Age Conference at UNESCO Headquarters

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in France, in cooperation with the Media and Communications Commission and Al Bashir Foundation for Development, organized “The Digital Age: Freedoms and Democracy in Iraq  Today” conference at UNESCO’s headquarters. The confrence was attended by a selected group of Iraqi, Arab and foreign researchers, media figures, diplomats and members of permanent delegations to UNESCO. During the confrence the Permanent Representative of Iraq to UNESCO Ambassador Wadee Batti, gave a speech in which he praised the role of UNESCO in coordinating multisectoral work to face global challenges, the impact of technological development on various sectors in Iraq, and how to employ the private and public sectors to achieve economic development, as it is an effective tool that guarantees the future of Iraq. As well the head of Media and Communications Commission Mr. Ali Al Muayyad, gave a speech in which he indicated the democrtatic turning point in Iraq after 2003, and the efforts made by the Iraqi government in regulating media freedoms, freedom of access to information, and freedom of expression, noting that Iraq has more than 300 media channels, including channels dedicated to minorities to ensure thier freedom of expression that is guaranteed by the Iraqi Constitution, which the Iraqi people voted on in 2005, emphasizing the role of the Commission in post monitoring to ensure the non spread of hate speech and to reject extremism and terrorism. 
In addition to the representative of the Social and Human Sciences sector at UNESCO, delivered a speech in which he explained the organization’s work in establishing the first legal regulatory tool after the UNESCO recommendation on the ethics of artificial intelligence for the year 2021, and coordinatingting jointly with more than 50 countries to measure the extent of implementing this recommendation, by evaluating and measuring countries’ keeping pace with technological development and knowledge of using artificial intelligence mechanisms in different sectors