Undersecretary for Bilateral Relations Receives Norwegian Ambassador Accredited to Iraq and Residing in Amman

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024. Undersecretary for Bilateral Relations, Mr. Mohammad Hussein Bahr Al Ulum, received the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway accredited to Iraq and residing in Amman Mr. Espen Lindbeck, at the Ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad. During the meeting the two sides discussed regional and international issues of common concern, most notably the joint efforts to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza, in addition to Norway’s determined efforts to achieve a ceasefire and deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, stressing the need to exert more efforts in this regard.  Ambassador Lindbeck indicated that his country values Iraq’s role in enhancing regional stability, and the successes achieved through Iraqi mediation to contain regional differences, as well they discussed prospects for bilateral cooperation between the two countries. On his part Undersecretary Bahr Al Ulum, affirmed his appreciation for Norway’s supportive satance to Iraq in facing terrorism, as well as the support in humanitarian and development fields, underlining the positive political developments in Iraq, security stability, the importance of economic cooperation, and encouraging Norwegian companies to invest in Iraq, especially in clean energy, water and capacity building, stressing that Iraq represents a promising environment for investment, Ambassador Lindbeck praised the Iraqi government’s adoption of vital economic plans, expressing Norway’s desire to participate in commercial and industrial projects for the reconstruction of Iraq.