Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and his Tunisian Counterpart Attends Signing of Memorandums of Understanding Between Iraq and Tunisia at Conclusion of Joint Committee’s Work

On Sunday, May 12, 2024. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, and his counterpart Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Tunisians Abroad, Mr. Nabil Ammar, opened the work of the 17th Session of the Joint Iraqi -Tunisian Committee in Baghdad.

Minister Hussein stressed that holding the meetings of the Joint Committee reflects the genuine desire of the two countries to strengthen the bonds of economic, commercial and cultural cooperation, in continuation with the joint efforts made in the 16th Session held in Tunisia in 2019, which resulted in the signing of a number of memorandums of understanding across various fields. The Minister also indicated that the representatives of ministries and the relevant authorities held continuous meetings and shared ideas and proposals, which formed a point for common understandings, and in continuation of draft memorandums of understanding that were signed by the ministers and concerned persons or on their behalf, expressing the genuine desire of the Iraqi government to develop common interests and expand other areas of cooperation. Stressing Iraq’s commitment to coordinate stances with Tunisia on regional and international issues, indicating that the Iraqi foreign policy priority is based on building balanced relations with all countries, mutual respect and common interests, underlying the importance of the economic aspect and its role in the development of the country, especially since Iraq has diverse economic capabilities, and promising investment opportunities that make it a suitable environment for partnerships, investments and business.

In addition to Minister Fuad Hussein indicated that security cooperation between the two countries is a necessity, especially since terrorism has become a phenomenon that threatens all countries of the world, so it requires everyone to exert efforts to dry up its financial and human sources, as well as confronting terrorism requires all countries to cooperate by developing a unified strategy to confront its threats.

On his part, the Tunisian Foreign Minister, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts that led to holding the 17th Session of the Tunisian-Iraqi Joint Committee, indicating that it confirms the depth of the fraternal ties that unite the two countries and their genuine determination to activate the most important coordination mechanisms and frameworks, and bring bilateral cooperation to a higher level, in addition to he expressed his happiness with Iraq’s success in achieving security and stability and restoring its comprehensive economic and social development pattern, represented by its progress in embarking on the strategic Development Road that will make Iraq a center for world trade and a link between the east and the west, which contributes to strengthening the status of the great people of Iraq with its ancient civilization that contributed to the transfer of humanity. from the prehistoric age to urban humanity.

In addition, both Ministers held a joint press conference in which Mr. Fuad Hussein announced the signing of 18 memorandums of understanding in the fields of trade, industry, education, culture, environment, sports, and youth, in addition to security and civil defense.

On the other hand, the Minister stressed the firm position of Iraq and Tunisia on the Palestinian issue and the supporting of the Palestinian people in restoring their legitimate rights.